Cafe Diem: Of Magic and Coffee

Inspired by the Latin aphorism ‘carpe diem’ meaning ‘seize the day’, you will definitely be able to seize the day with a cuppa in an ethereal realm at SM Southpoint Iloilo. Meticulously designed with whimsical interiors and exteriors, Cafe Diem will not only let you enjoy coffee and seize the day but likewise transports you to the bizarre and peculiar world of Harry Potter.

There’s just something about Cafe Diem. Aside from the Harry Potter themed space, the coffee shop displays a wall of encouragement made by its customers. When you’re feeling down or discouraged, the wall of inspiration is something worth to take a look at. Moreover, the creativity at Cafe Diem is overwhelming. The usual Ilonggo, when ordering and asked by a friend regarding what he/she wants to eat, can be quite hilarious at times. Cafe Diem, with its dose of humor, has made the selection easier for its customers. Seriously, what do you want to eat?!

I’m not sure – Revel in Cafe Diem’s take of everyone’s favorite ribs served smoky, rich, and bold with rice and corn on the sides. As per the coffee shop, ‘they say this comes better with mashed potatoes’. At Php 139

Busog pa ko – Not sure, but this might just be the usual reply at least 50% of the time. Busog pa ko is Cafe Diem’s version of the famous Korean Beer Match – YangNyum Chicken – perfectly paired with the Filipino staple, rice. At Php 129.

Ikaw lang bahala – Don’t you just hate it when your friend has ultimately entrusted his/her food choices to you and then questions your decision when the food arrives? Ikaw lang bahala is a selection of deep fried chicken breast filled with explosive and gooey cheese inside, stir fried vegetables, rice, and honey mustard dip. At Php 115.

Ambot ah – Ahh yes, the universal Ilonggo answer to any plausible question in the planet. Ambot ah is Cafe Diem’s answer to those who want to enjoy their chicken without the need to get down and dirty with the grease – two piece baton shaped chicken smothered in cream cheese and pimiento sauce. At Php 109

Kung Ano Lang Da Ah, Basta – For sure, you can’t have ‘kung ano lang da ah’ without looking at the menu at least. Kung Ano Lang Da Ah is steak a la pobre supercharged! The usual steak a la pobre wrapped in bacon with mashed potato or rice on the side. This protein-packed dish will definitely let you go carpe diem and seize the day! At Php 139.

Other quirky finds include Lava Palooza, chocolate Lava Cake topped with ice cream at Php 75 | Lava Matcha, matcha in cake form – gooey matcha fudge inside and topped with vanilla ice cream at Php 95 | Homemade Mashed Patatas – boiled, softened, squished, seasoned potatoes at Ph 30. Photos below: Cafe Diem also offers Pasta (Linguine in Meat Sauce | Chicken Alfredo | Pesto | Penne and Sausage), Pizza (Aloha Mora | 3 Blind Mice | Pepper Owns Me | Flossy Pig | Meatzilla), and more!

Our Cafe Diem flat lay, follow us for more food features and adventures!

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An awesome world awaits! Cafe Diem has two locations, one in Miag-ao and another at SM Southpoint Iloilo

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