Magical ‘Hey Jude’ Moment at the Iloilo Convention Center

Foremost, who wouldn’t sing along to the hit song ‘Hey Jude’ by the Beattles? The Manila Symphony Orchestra, during a two-day concert in Iloilo City, performed an orchestral rendition of the well loved Beattles song along with a variety of symphonies and soundtracks. The Manila Symphony Orchestra offered ‘Sweet Symphonies: Bach and Beattles’ on their first day, August 25th at the St. Anne Church in Molo and ‘Soundtracks and Symphonies’, August 26th at the Iloilo Convention Center.

Yours truly was not present during the ‘Bach and Beattles’ but I was during the ‘Soundtracks and Symphonies’. I have to say the concert was magnanimously breathtaking. Moreover, it was during their rendition of ‘Hey Jude’ – performed on both concert dates – that had the audience sing along. It was, by far, a magical moment.

Manila Symphony Orchestra is Asia’s first symphony orchestra. It was founded in 1926 by Dr. Alexander Lippay and reorganized in 2001 by its longtime concertmaster, the late Prof. Basilio Manalo, until the present under the baton of Professor Arturo Molina, it produces a broad, year-round program that celebrates its legacy of performing the masterpieces while reaching out to new audiences across space and time. Steadfastly, it remains true to its mission “to enrich the Filipino’s vibrant cultural life through fine orchestral music and to enable more people to experience the power of music”.

About Professor Arturo Molina, Conductor: Maestro Arturo Molina’s pedigree in Philippine music is unquestionable. With family into classical, jazz, and opera, and in both fields of performance and education, the Maestro is the one of the latest in the line of professionals to uphold the heritage of national music with the Molina name.

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