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“Feature is a step into Alice’s wonderland, your Wonderland.”


John Mayer always says that, particularly about your body. Anyway, the Feature philosophy is quite simple, we write for fun. We write for enjoyment. We write for emphasizing the little things in life worth appreciating. We write to revive the empty souls of ours into something eternal, ethereal– in an online paper we call the Internet. In short, we enjoy writing and we put a sizzle of love in every article that we do. Feel free to browse the featured sections of ‘What’s on Feature’:

Lifestyle & Leisure: Experiencing life as we know it. Constantly, life is an ever changing process. It has its high highs and its low lows. Nevertheless, it is a whirlwind of surprises – like a roller coaster gone wrong, like sour stalks dipped in vinegar and honey. In short, life is diverse. And, in this section, we will display articles that will generally talk about life – the beauty of it, the agony in it, and the overall quintessence of its existence. Feel free to visit and indulge in our never ending quest to understand the complexity of life and living it.

Health & Beyond: Getting on the safe side of life. Health is a valuable asset – not only physically, but emotionally, mentally, spiritually. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined as the “the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. Join us on this section as we delve into the world of science, health, medicine – and the undeniable touch of nursing. Know the facts on how to stay fit, healthy and happy.

Contributions. The famous quote by the Canadian Blackfoot Chief was my first glimpse of what ‘life’ is in its entirety. The whole concept of life summarized in four sentences – like the flashing light of a fragile creature, the shallow breath of a beast, and the intangible shadow that lingers in the light of day and in the illuminating glow of streetlights in the night – displayed in a torn 1960 Catholic Digest, remnants of pure wisdom from a soul of the wilderness. Explore a whole new world through the eyes of our contributors in this section.

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