What’s in Iloilo

“No matter where I go, what places I reach, in the end, it will always be Iloilo that I’d go home to.”


It’s not about the fancy skylines, the tall buildings, the undeniable noise of urbanity, Iloilo is progress but it still reminds me of home: old mansions made immortal, strong Ilonggo culture made imminent, that gives birth to a prominent bond among all Ilonggos.

Food & Dining: In terms of good food, nothing beats seaside delicacies and Iloilo’s original Lapaz Batchoy. Lapaz Batchoy is a regular luxury. Seaside goodness is exemplary. Ilonggos love early evening Talaba with Sinamak (with San Miguel or RH on the side and few attempts of karaoke). Villa, arrayed with beaches, talabahan, and kawayan bahay kubo’s are undeniably Ilonggo. When it comes to love, no place can spell it better. ILOve ILOve is the best place to be when it comes to enjoyment, good food, comfort, and fun. 

Places & Spaces: I see tourism well taken cared of. The Esplanade is one of the places I would totally recommend. I have been to airports but none can say peace and serenity like the Iloilo Airport situated in green Cabatuan surrounded by the vivid and obvious epitome of home. When it comes to beauty, Iloilo is a bud in the making and will bloom with the smiles of its happy inhabitants. What makes Iloilo City the BEST is that every time I think of it, I can only say these words ‘I AM HOME’.

News & Events: The wide cityscape, the deafening sounds of manmade drums, the cajoling of eager street dancers, the gastronomic explosion of festival cuisine, the deluge of people from different areas in the planet, all as one to celebrate a festivity of humble beginnings, of simple purpose. Iloilo has it’s way to celebrating humble beginnings – as well as events. There’s always something different about holidays, it gives a different feeling – of excitement, fun, pleasure, and everything that leaves us feeling breathless and amazed. 

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