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“When something goes wrong, it’s in the news. When something goes right, it’s in Feature.”


Your Bottomless Iced Tea to Literary Refreshment. Born out of passion for literary diarrhea, Feature was conceptualized in the hope of bridging readers to a variety of interesting articles – on absolutely anything under the sun – and creating a community where people can write content in the way that they want to. After all, Feature is all about fun – celebrations and good living. Conceptualized during the 4th quarter of 2013, Feature existed as a vague logo made from Pizap – bold and italic, looking constipated in a default background setting. Nevertheless, in our eyes, it was an epiphany of hopeful renaissance.

Our Humble Beginning. We had our fair share of humble beginnings as a plain Facebook page with barely enough likes to view our insights, and with articles published as notes. The page was naïve enough to try innovative ways to publish online, shy enough to try some modern perks of evolution. Surprisingly, in December 14, 2013, a group behind the name Digital Wingspan, made a way to make this petite and simple little concept of ours into a reality.

Feature is a step into Alice’s wonderland, your Wonderland. John Mayer always says that, particularly about your body. Anyway, the Feature philosophy is quite simple, we write for fun. We write for enjoyment. We write for emphasizing the little things in life worth appreciating. We write to revive the empty souls of ours into something eternal, ethereal – in an online paper we call the Internet. In short, we enjoy writing and we put a love in every article that we do.

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PhotoDear reader, first and foremost, thank you very much for visiting my humble website. You have reached the official blog of Andrea Ortega Guanco, a proud native of Iloilo City, Philippines. Secondly, I would like to apologize for the frequent changes in the site – my choice of theme is as indecisive and ambivalent as the decisions I have in my life. LOL. Before, the choice of theme was an explosion of colors – a not so careful attempt to convey the cheerful aura of the site. Next, it was a slider that illustrated my amateur editing of photographs – a mistake that I really admit. Yes, I am no professional in the field of Photoshop. Then, with the intent to infuse a thing or two about me, I decided to include the things that I love – like a vintage, teddy beary type of theme – which might be uncomfortable to some readers. Note: were you disturbed by the theme? If you are, you may violently complain or send me an email, LOL – but yes, I am serious about that. Anyway, no words can explain how thankful I am that you have decided to visit this lonely abode – hopefully not so lonely anymore. In the early beginnings of Feature, the name was solely ‘Feature’ – and the design was as more of a default setting made from Pizap. Why the name ‘Feature’? I had to make a catchy phrase. Feature had to be something that expresses good news, providing the lofty and lighter side of life. I do hope you enjoy reading as I did writing.

Andrea Ortega Guanco

Blogger behind Feature

Email: scoolsocks1988@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/featureiloilo
Instagram: www.instagram.com/featureiloilo