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Advertising has risen up in the marketing food chain like a savage beast off for a juicy hunt. The twist: traditional advertising, according to experts, is today’s extinct marketing mammoth. What can online advertising give you? There are approximately 110 million people going online everyday, with another approximately huge number of people using search engines – mostly to get answers from everyday queries. Unlike traditional advertising, there’s a considerable chance that you’d get exposure online. One SEO key to achieving website traffic is to get as much backlinks from reputable websites that rank high in the complicated Google search engine. Thus, to earn exposure, you must expose yourself to the World Wide Web. You must earn as much backlinks to redirect to your site. You need credible advertisers. You need SEO masters. Unfortunately, it’s not us. 

 On the other hand, we’re simply a chip off the old block who’d like to give a shot at advertising. Feature is an online magazine that offers easy-breezy articles to lighten up the day. Our core concept: to give literary joy to the online humankind. Feature bubbled up into the online world last December 14, 2013. A month later, we had a humble increase in viewers. In one month, our pageviews grew to 1,196. Our tender heart SEO gave it a humble organic search with a 1.6% bounce rate. All in all, we had 109 visitors in one month. It’s not much, but hey, our sole purpose for putting this up is to connect with other websites who’d like to take their internet visibility one notch higher. To sum it up, we’d like to give you a hand in your advertising. We provide the following services:

Website and Social Media Publishing

Includes event coverage, establishment feature, and press release accommodation.

  • Creation of minimum 300, maximum 500 word article (or as provided in the press release) and publishing it in the website,, under the category deemed fit. The following categories include lifestyle & leisure, health & beyond, food & dining, places & spaces, and news & events. The article may be tagged under two or more categories.
  • Sharing of article on social media platforms. For event coverage and establishment feature, creation of album with minimum 5 to maximum 10 photos and shared separately aside from the article on social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Accommodation of press release. Can accommodate press release within Iloilo City and outside Iloilo City. Press release accomodations will be tagged under the category ‘Press Release’. 

Our website includes the following categories:

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