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13 Hour Brownout City Proper Area On May 31

As part of More Power’s series of preventive maintenance, the power utility announced that there will be a 13-hour brownout in areas serviced by the City Proper Substation. The brownout is scheduled to happen on May 13 (Sunday) from 4am to 5pm. The DU expressed that the brownout its part of the comprehensive preventive maintenance to avoid unnecessary future brownouts.

“Kinahanglan nagid nga magpatigayon sang Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance sa nasambit nga substation agud malikawan ang mas malawig kag mas lapnagon nga power outage,” excerpt from a post by More Power.

Affected areas include the following:

City Proper Feeder 1

• Portion of San Agustin
• Portion of Liberation
• Portion of San Jose
• Portion of Kauswagan
• Portion of Nonoy
• Portion Ma. Clara
• Portion Ortiz
• General Hughes Montes
• Santo Rosario-Duran
• Veteran’s Village
• Concepcion-Montes
• Zamora-Melliza
• Legaspi dela Rama
• Monica Bluementrit
• Portion of Muelle Loney
• Concepcion

City Proper Feeder 2

• Portion of Sampaguita
• Portion of Ed Ganzon
• Portion of Roxas Village
• Portion of Kauswagan
• Magsaysay
• Portion of Yulo-Arroyo
• Arsenal-Aduana
• Portion of Ortiz

City Proper Feeder 3

• Portion of San Agustin
• Portion of Inday
• Portion of San Felix

City Proper Feeder 4

Molo District
● Portion of East Baluarte

City Proper District
● Portion of San Agustin
● Portion of Villa Anita
● Portion of Hipodromo
● Liberation
● Portion of Timawa Tanza I
● Portion of San Felix
● Mabolo-Delgado
● Malipayon-Delgado
● Portion of Villa Anita
● Portion of Jalandoni-Delgado-Bagumbayan

The DU explains that the City Proper Substation transformer’s power load is beyond normal capacity thus the need for preventive maintenance. The DU also asks for cooperation from its consumers.

“Nagsobra na sa normal capacity level ang power load sang transformer sang City Proper Substation bangud wala ini ginpaidalum sa Comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Services sang PECO. Kun indi ini pagkay-uhon, posible ini nga maglupok kun sa diin mas dako ang mangin problema sini kag mas malawig nga power interruption ukon brownout ang aton nga ma-eksperiyensiyahan. Nagapangayo sang paghangop kag kooperasyon ang MORE Power sa ‘inconvenience’ nga matuga sini sa mga konsumidor apang ini ang kinahanglan na gid nga himuon subong,” excerpt from a post of More Power.

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