13th Street Espresso: Selfie on Your Coffee Coming Soon

13th Street Espresso

13th Street Espresso: One warm afternoon, we decided to kill time XD. In Iloilo City, it is often hard to decide where to hang out due to the many, many food places in the little City. On that afternoon, we decided to visit Galleria Building along Jalandoni Street – in search of good coffee and WiFi. We came across 13th Street Espresso and, enticed by its interesting interiors and a fascinating Japanese cherry blossom, we came in.

We each had our own choice of beverage. Mine was the Oreo Choco Snow Ice at Php 175 and is labeled ‘best choice’ of the house. 13th Street Espresso is known for irresistible, well-decorated, and generously served snow ice. Inside 13th Street Espresso is a haven of coffee and coffee products – and excellent customer service.

We were swept away by the kind and thoughtful customer service at 13th Street Espresso. We were given complimentary coffee with a perfectly printed ’13th Street Espresso’ printed on top – and we thought coffee art was farfetched, this one is extreme. An image is configured on a program and transmitted to a machine that utilizes edible ink to print images as displayed on the computer. I can only imagine the ways this can be creatively utilized – like an edible and caffeinated greeting card: a ‘Happy Birthday’, an ‘I love you’, or gosh even a ‘Will You Marry Me’. I personally can’t wait to see memorable events, with the use of ‘selfie coffee’, transpiring in Iloilo City. Before I elaborate, here is a portion of the menu, see below.

Snow Ice: Red and Soy Bean at Php 175 | Milk Snow with Season Fruits at Php 175 | Oreo Choco Snow at Php 175 | Ade (Italian Soda): Zamong (Grapefruit) at Php 140 | Lemon at Php 140 | Cheongpodo (Green Grape) at Php 140 | Yuja (Citron) at Php 140 | Tea (Hot): Chamomile at Php 110 | Peppermint at Php 110 | Rooibos at Php 110 | Jasmine Flower at Php 110 | Lavender at Php 110 | Hibiscus at Php 110 | Rosemary at Php 110 | Green Tea at Php 110 | Lemon Grass at Php 110

Take a ‘JM Sandwich’ with a Shot (wheat bread, chicken, bacon, ham, tomato, lettuce, cheese, signature sauce) at Php 190 – add Php 10 for take away | ‘Honey Bread with a Shot (aged with caramel butter for 72 hours and a cup of Americano) at Php 170 – add Php 10 for take away | ‘JM Carbonara’ with a Shot (Italian spaghetti noodle, bacon, ham, parsley, cheese, signature sauce) at Php 180.

Above: Honey Bread with a Shot (aged with caramel butter for 72 hours and a cup of Americano) at Php 170

We likewise tried printing our selfie – here is the finished product

On the other hand, selfie coffee is not yet available for purchase – but will be soon. At times, selfie coffee is served as compliments of 13th Street Espresso for certain events celebrated inside the shop – like birthdays.

Aside from snow ice cream and selfie coffee, 13th Street Espresso has third wave coffee apparatus such as Kalita and Dutch Coffee Tower. Already interested? Visit a 13th Street near you! 13th Street Espresso is located on the second level of the Iloilo Festive Walk at the Iloilo Business Park, Mandurriao and at the ground floor of Galleria Building, Jalandoni Street, Jaro, Iloilo City.

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