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35-Hour Workweek Bill Proposed

In an article by CNN Philippines, the House of Representatives approved the committee report that proposes to reduce the working hours of the private sector to 35 hours. House Bill No. 309, authored by Albay 2nd District Representative Rep. Joey Salceda, cites studies showing that a flexible workweek increases employee production and benefits the economy in the long run.

“With this bill, this representation envisions a more robust economy and happier workers in healthier workplaces,” states Albay 2nd District Representative Rep. Joey Salceda.

The reduced work hours will also lessen the traffic congestion in Manila, claims Salceda. In the bill, employers can opt for the 35-hour workweek. Moreover, employees are still entitled to overtime and night differential pay, rest days, and terms and conditions on working arrangements. Read more: House OKs committee report on 35-hour workweek bill, an article by CNN Philippines.

The 35-hour workweek proposal of Salceda is yet to undergo second reading.

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