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5,000 Jobs in Slovenia for Filipinos Once Labor Pact Approved

The Department of Labor and Employment is currently working on a bilateral labor agreement with Slovenia. As of date, a number of companies in Slovenia are eyeing recruitment of 5,000 Filipinos, states Silvestre Bello III, Labor Secretary. Moreover, Bello states that Slovenia is seeking approval for the deployment of 2,000 to 5,000 skilled and semi skilled Filipinos.

Slovenia is a country in Central Europe.

“We are working on a bilateral agreement, para pag nagkaroon (na), pwede na po tayong mag-recruit at mag-deploy ng mga workers dun sa Slovenia. “Magandang prospect yon. Pero liwanagin namin, wala pang bilateral agreement kaya hindi pa tayo makakapag-deploy. Maganda ang kanilang offer eh, maganda ang sweldo, maganda ang mag terms of employment kaya gusto naming…magandang alternative market of labor.” states Silvestre Bello III, Labor Secretary.

Positions available include health care workers, nurses, engineers, truck drivers, heavy machine operators, and other industries, including household service. Bello also highlights that the salary in Slovenia is more competitive than that in the Middle East.

To date, a technical working group will be formed to negotiate and the bilateral agreement may take three months. Also, Bello assures that the negotiation will ensure the safety and protection of Filipino workers.

Source: Global Nation, Inquirer

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