Afternoon at Carlo’s Bakery Cafe

Carlo's Bakery Cafe

Carlo’s Bakeshop, also known as Carlo’s Bakery Cafe, is a household name in any Ilonggo home, well known for its array of dishes, pastries, and cakes. My fondest memory of Carlo’s Bakeshop was enjoying a ‘beehive’, a usual reward from parents for behaving during trips and errands to the city. And, 20 years later, the ‘beehive’ is still there – still existing and still creating fond memories for people.

(Left) Beehive, a personal favorite for more than 20 years at Carlo’s. Carlo’s Bakeshop, established in 1987, started as a cake supplier. As the demand for their product grew, they opened a commissionary and started manufacturing packaged bread, pastries, cakes, and ‘pasalubong’ items to customers. Over the years, the line of bread, pastries, and cakes grew – and later on, Carlo’s ventured to brunch, lunch, and dinner meals. And just recently, Carlo’s had renovated their main cafe in Benigno Aquino Avenue, Jaro, Iloilo City.


What’s new at Carlo’s? Aside from the updo of the main Carlo’s location, new dishes are now available. For soups, Carlo’s has seafood chowder on bread bowl, chowder soup with fish, shrimp, squid, bacon, and parsley. For pasta, they have Grilled Creamy Chicken Pesto and Tuscan Pasta. For breakfast, ‘Carlo’s Big Breakfast’ is available. It includes bacon, sausage, two eggs any style, salad, potatoes, and garlic rice.

What are bestsellers at Carlo’s? The bestsellers are the executive meals – meals served with soup, salad, rice, and iced tea. The newest item for executive meals is the chicken cordon bleu which includes chicken, ham, cheese, gravy, macaroni salad, rice, and iced tea. Afternoon at Carlo’s is, by all means, a cozy one. Tucked in a comfortable area – near yet far enough – ensures an afternoon well spent.

Carlo's Bakery Cafe

(Top) Lasagna – baked fresh pasta with italian sausage, meat sauce, betchamel, stewed tomatoes, and cheese

Carlo's Bakery Cafe

(Top) Tuscan Pasta – a collection of chicken, tomatoes, cream, basil, and spaghetti

(Top) Grilled Creamy Chicken Pesto – with chicken, basil, cream, spaghetti, and cheese

(Top) Carlo’s Fried Chicken – crispy, deep fried chicken with mushroom gravy and homemade potato wedges. (Bottom) Packaged bread, pastries, cakes, and ‘pasalubong’ items. 

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