Afternoon at The Groceteria by Dova

Groceteria by Dova

Comfort is what best describes The Groceteria by Dova. With the movement of Dova Brunch to Megaworld’s Iloilo Business Park in Mandurriao, comes a new innovation for its Lapaz location. Previously Dova Brunch at Lapaz is now The Groceteria by Dova. ‘Groceteria’, from the words grocery and cafeteria, is a haven of comfort food priced comfortably right – with price ranging from Php 95 to Php 185.

The Groceteria by Dova, aside from dine in meals, showcases a grocery of frozen dishes for take away or reheating at the resto. The frozen finds at The Groceteria is definitely a convenience for Ilonggos on the go. Frozen dishes include hard to make meals like chicken galantina and rellenong bangus. It also includes the likes of embotido, tapa, and tocino. For further convenience, The Groceteria will be offering home delivery of frozen foods, and likewise cooked meals from their menu, SOON – this will be available for orders Php 350 and up. Frozen meals can be offered in half or whole, with half serving at Php 195 and is already good for one person.

Above: the ambient feel at The Groceteria. Below: Frozen Finds

Comfort is what best describes The Groceteria by Dova. Apart from frozen finds, The Groceteria also offers French baguette, ciabatta, and a lot more. When it comes to food, ingredients are sourced from local farmers and are guaranteed organic. Had the privilege to dine at The Groceteria, and I have to say that I will definitely come back again and again. Here is a glimpse of the menu, click the image to enlarge.

Groceteria frozen food and finds include the following (may be subject to change): Aligue at Php 450 | Asiago at Php 260 | Atchara at Php 165 | Almond Roca at Php 250 | Burata at Php 450 | Bacon at Php 365 | Black Rice at Php 130 | Buko Pandan at Php 250 | Bilbao Oliva at Php 275 | Back Ribs at Php 795 | Cheese Pimiento at Php 195 | Chorizo Butter at Php 255 | Chicken Apple at Php 295 | Callos at Php 285 | Ebiko at Php 650 | Galantena at Php 1,300 | Ginamos at Php 100 | Garlic Chorizo at Php 325 | Jack Daniel at Php 150 | Longganisa (Ilocos) at Php 185.5 | Labahita at Php 250 | Lengua at Php 375 | Lettuce at Php 280 | Les Puces at Php 650 | Little Penguin at Php 850 | Mozzarella at Php 375 | Meatloaf at Php 235 | Mangga Ratsada at Php 185 | Negros Blue Cheese at Php 575 | Pesto Butter at Php 195 | Pork Floss at Php 750 | Pink Salt at Php 750 | Dinulce Saging at Php 110 | Bukayo at Php 95 |

Smoked Bangus at Php 175 | Ginat-an at Php 120 | Insalada at php 105 | Beef Stew at Php 315 | Adobo Flakes at Php 265 | Straw Balsamic at Php 195 | Ilocos Longganisa at Php 355 | Vigan Longganisa at Php 355 | Fish Tapa at Php 195 | Snaper at Php 395 | Polenta at Php 85 | Peach and Apple Salad at Php 295 | Ricotta at Php 250 | Recado Spread at Php 255 | Rosso Puglia (Vezzani) at Php 860 | Smoked Duck Breast at Php 475 | Smoked Salmon at Php 350 | Squid Ring at Php 250 | Stracchino at Php 360 | Sheritake (Noodles) at Php 130 | Sriracha Ketchup at Php 250 | Truffle Cheese Dip at Php 255 | Taro at Php 250 | Vino Fontana (White) at Php 650 |

Window Cathedral at Php 300 | Werthers (Original) at Php 200 | Waffle Crisps at Php 195 | Cherry Tom at Php 400 | French Beans at Php 300 | Beef Stew at Php 315 | Salami (I grams) at Php 98 | Salted Egg Squid Ring at Php 295 | The Bam at Php 680 | Cordon Bleu at Php 175 | Honey at Php 250 | Bugnay Wine at Php 575 | Chicharon at Php 115 | Chicken Potato Salad at Php 170 | Kare-Kare at Php 335 | Spinach Dip at Php 150 | Butter Cookies at Php 95 | Potosiko at Php 95 | Mango Float at Php 295 | Barquillos at Php 295 | Pork Sisig at Php 195 | Pizza at Php 275 | Garlic Mussels at Phh 285 | Squid in Olive Oil at Php 295 | Italian Dressing at Php 195 | Ice Candy at Php 105 | Pangat at Php 95 | San Pelegrino at Php 95 | Canada Dry at Php 75 

In a tete-a-tete with Chef Miguel Cordova, he likewise introduced Dova Catering Concepts and Gusto Meal in a Box which includes conveniently packed meals at an affordable price – for as low as Php 100 per person. Enjoy Pork Belly Kare-Kare, Beef Tapa with Egg, Bistek Tagalog, Spanish Beef Stew, Pork Hamonado, and Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet; free delivery (minimum of 20 packs) and order must be placed at least a day before. You also get more with Php 100 per head as every pack comes with a free drink, juice, or bottled water. For orders, contact 0921 9887 487 | 503 3242 | 320 2380

The Groceteria by Dova is located at Lapaz, Iloilo and is open from 9 am to 9pm. Get to know The Groceteria more by following their official Facebook page here. Here is a pic of yours truly at The Groceteria. XD

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