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#FeaturedIlonggo Alanna Patricio

Alanna Patricio

#FeaturedIlonggo Alanna Patricio: Born and raised in Florida to Ilonggo parents, Alanna Patricio ventured into the music industry at the tender age of 16. With the support of her parents, she released her first single titled ‘Density’ in December 2023. Within a week of the song’s release, the track gathered 10k streams on Spotify and charmed media outfits in the music scene.

Kings of A&R, a music and entertainment website, described ‘Density’ as ‘infectious and reminiscent of Melanie Martinez and Olivia Rodrigo’, and ‘offers nearly three minutes of pure bliss, attitude, and regret’.

According to Alanna, ‘Density’ is about being heard.

“There have been numerous times where I have felt unheard and there have been double the amount of times I’ve experienced regret of my actions for not standing up for myself. Density was fueled by my regrets of being a people-pleaser. I had always struggled with saying no and I would always dive at the chance to appease others. I wrote Density so I could be heard. Density as a song doesn’t just go out for those who listen to music, but to those who need to hear it’s okay to say no,” states Alanna.

Alanna’s deep love for music began at the age of 7. Her passion and zest encouraged her parents to aid her in her endeavor.

“My love for music started with the piano. One night when I was 7, I had a dream of playing a piano on a stage, so I begged my parents to enroll me in piano lessons. I did not have any musical influences in my household growing up. I just had a dream one night and decided I wanted to chase it,” she adds.

Alanna is proud of her roots. When asked about Iloilo, she states that she is a proud Ilongga and enjoys visiting Iloilo: “We are proud Ilonggos! I truly wish I had more chances to visit Iloilo, it’s lovely there. The people are very sincere and the food is amazing.”

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