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Almost 30,000 Quarantine Violators Arrested Nationwide

Whilst most of the masses stay at home during the enhanced community quarantine, the country has a recorded 300,000 quarantine violators in just one month. From March 17 to April 17, a total of 29,632 violators had been arrested, in a data by the Philippine National Police (PNP). Those arrested were among the 126,302 total violators recorded by the PNP nationwide in 32 days – 70% (91,225) were left with a warning while 5,445 were fined.

In an article by CNN Philippines, Luzon has the highest number of violators with 77,258.

Moreover, the police have also arrested 713 individuals for hoarding, profiteering, and manipulation of the prices of goods. It can be recalled that President Rodrigo Duterte warned of a police/military ‘takeover’ should constituents continue to violate quarantine measures. Read more: Nearly 30,000 quarantine violators arrested nationwide in a month, an article by CNN.

Moreover, PNP Spokesman Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac revealed that the agency has leveled up its operations.

“As the PNP stepped-up its operations against ECQ violators, latest figures show that as of April 18, 2020, a total of 126,302 ECQ violators were either arrested, fined and warned,” states PNP Spokesman Brig. Gen. Bernard Banac, in an article by the Inquirer.

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