An Evening at San Jose Cafe

What’s great about evenings, especially a Saturday evening, at SM Southpoint Iloilo is the parade of restaurants lining the wide SM expanse. There is that distinct homey ambiance paired with good music resonating in the open space, healthy eats and mouthwatering finds along with the scent of brewed coffee in almost every corner of SM Southpoint. One Saturday night, we dined at San Jose Cafe.

San Jose Cafe is a haven for coffee and delicious food. It is a proud supporter of local coffee beans and likewise producer of unique coffee blends. The first San Jose Cafe opened a few years back at The Shops at Atria Park District and a new one recently on the ground floor of SM Southpoint.

Photo above: Bangus Pasta

Photo above: Sausage Pasta

Photo above: Cuchinta – Yes! They have cuchinta with, of course, shaved coconut

Photo above: Tuna Delight Sandwich (Chicken Sandwich and Bacon and Egg Sandwich also available)

Photo above: Caramel Macchiato

And my beverage pick at San Jose Cafe: North Pole Mocha! 

*** Beverages ***

Hot Coffee — Espresso at Php 50 | Americano at Php 70 | Cafe Latte at Php 80 | Cappuccino at Php 80 | Ginger Cafe Latte at Php 95 | White Mocha Latte at Php 95 | Caramel Macchiato at Php 95 | Mochaccino at Php 95 | Iced Coffee — Dolce de Leche at Php 95 | White Chocolate Banana at Php 95 | Mocha Latte at Php 95 | Caramel Flan Latte at Php 95

Frappe (Coffee Based) — Banana Toffeenut at Php 120 | Caramel Parmesan at Php 120 | Creamy White at Php 120 | Minty Pistachio at Php 120 | Mocha Frappe at Php 120 | North Pole Mocha at Php 120 | Nutty Butterscotch at Php 120 | Frappe (Non Coffee Based) — Chocolate Kisses at Php 130 | Red Berry at Php 130 | Strawberry and Cream at Php 130 | Vanilla White at Php 130

Smoothies — Buko Lychee at Php 120 | Halo Halo at Php 120 | Ube Langka at Php 120 | Mango at Php 120 | Strawberry at Php 120 | Seasonal Fruit Slush — Banana at Php 100 | Green Mango at Php 100 | Kamias at Php 100 | Melon at Php 100 | Pineapple Guava at Php 100 | Watermelon at Php 100

Healthy Brew (Hot) — Native Chocolate at Php 85 | Ginger Turmeric Tea at Php 65 | Moringa Calamansi Tea at Php 65 | Honey Lemongrass Tea at Php 65 | Detox Juice (Hot or Iced) — Calamansi Watermelon at Php 90 | Cucumber Lemon at Php 90 | Pink Guava at Php 90 | Hibiscus at Php 90

Natural Blends (Iced) — Ginger Turmeric and Citrus at Php 80 | Ginger and Aloe Vera at Php 80 | Lemongrass and Honey at Php 80 | Moringa and Green Tea at Php 80

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