Ang Kamalig Restaurant Presents Chef’s Inspired Ilonggo Selections

Ang Kamalig Restaurant Ilonggo

Ang Kamalig Restaurant Ilonggo Selections: Ang Kamalig Restaurant, located at The Shops in Atria, recently presented its Chef’s Inspired Ilonggo Selections. The selection is inclusive of Sinigang na Baboy sa Mangga, Adobong Manok sa Gata, Crispy Shrimps with Salted Egg, Garlic Estofado na Manok, and Beef Rib Salpicao. The Ilonggo Selection also featured an Oyster Bar – fresh oysters baked in different ways: Three Cheese Oyster, Oyster Rockfeller, Korean BBQ Oyster, and Fried Oyster with Aligue. Guests can have their fill of oysters in Family Favorite Baked Oysters or in a Mixed Oyster Platter.

Ang Kamalig Restaurant has truly leveled up their game in the gastronomic arena. Aside from their ‘Our Family Favorites’ inclusive of Rosalia’s Callos, Lola Amparing’s Crispy Pata (soft popsicle stick style), Estofado na Dila ni Jose Maria, Lola Nena’s Pinamalhan, Chef Miguel Steamed Lapu Lapu, Raisa’s Tocino del Cielo, Carlo’s Ube Sago, Paolo’s Chicken Inasal na Lumpia, Gerry’s Special Bulalo, Leny’s Creamy Baked Oyster, and Mica’s Special Vanilla Coffee Float, the new additions to the Ang Kamalig Restaurant menu will definitely amplify the restaurant’s charm with its tantalizing collection of Ilonggo dishes.

During the launch of Chef’s Inspired Ilonggo Selections

Of Oysters and Ilonggos. Ilonggos have long been enchanted by the taste of oysters. Moreover, an Ilonggo excursion would not be complete without a seaside stop for some oysters. Ang Kamalig Restaurant, meanwhile, has an improved touch to the usual baked oyster. Aside from Family Favorite Baked Oysters, you can also have your oysters in different flavors: fried with aligue, Korean style, or with a bounty of cheese.

Ang Kamalig Restaurant’s very own Chef Miguel

Left: Ang Kamalig Restaurant menu. Click on the images to enlarge. The new additions to the Ang Kamalig Restaurant menu will definitely amplify the restaurant’s charm with its tantalizing and delectable Ilonggo dishes.Revel in a collection of Ilonggo cuisine at Ang Kamalig Restaurant located at The Shops in Atria Park District, Don Donato Pison Avenue, Mandurriao, Iloilo City. For more information, visit their Facebook page here or call (033) 501 5002.





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