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Authentic Chinese: Kusina Tsina Highlights Special Offers

“Pag di masarap, libre na” begins Eugene Chua, the CEO and Founder of Kusina Tsina. Kusina Tsina, established 2008, is Chua’s brainchild. After having been trained by Hong Kong chefs in the prestigious Chinese restaurant Gloria Maris, Chua acquired the skills of his superiors – thus abled him to lead his own venture, Kusina Tsina. The first location of Kusina Tsina was at Quezon Street in downtown Iloilo. Chua describes it as a ‘hole-in-the-wall’.

To date, the restaurant offers a wide variety of Chinese staples. It has also spawned special and combo offers –signature dishes paired with signature Kusina Tsina special sauces. It also rewards patrons with a dimsum platter (given free for every Php 1,500 single-receipt, dine-in purchase)

Kusina Tsina’s bestsellers include its dimsum, roasted items, short orders, and chef recommendations. It highlights its dimsum platter and its Kusina Tsina roasting platter. When asked what makes Kusina Tsina different from other Chinese restaurants, Chua says “hindi lahat ng makikita mo makikita mo rin sa iba, we have our own distinct taste. Walang halong daya. Pag hindi masarap, libre na.”

“Thank you sa supporta all these years – we are 12 years in the industry na – with the blessings and support from the Ilonggos. Higit sa lahat, wag na wag silang mahihiya na lapitan ako, i-pm ako sa mga concerns or request nila. Kasi hanggat sa makakaya ko, ibibigay ko sa kanila, states Eugene Chua.

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