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Baked with Love

Gemma Cantara-Cabalfin has always been an ardent baker. A resident of Leon, the mother of three has cemented two booming businesses in the locality – Bread ni Josh and Keyk ni Jec. Bread ni Josh, offering a wide variety of baked breads, is named after her eldest son, Zeb Jose Joshua whilst Keyk ni Jec, a pastry and coffee shop, is named after her second son Jec Jose Miguel. Cabalfin is married to Joel Eusebio Cabalfin.

Cabalfin aspires to bring back to the community with her breads and pastries baked with love.

“I hope [our products] will be known because [they are] from Leon,” states Cabalfin (in an article published in Panay News, “the food we serve in our pastry-and-coffee-shop is unique. We only use the best ingredients because I want my fellow Leonians to taste only the best,” she adds.

Leon, situated in the southwestern part of the province, is bounded by Alimodian in the north, San Miguel in the east, Tigbauan and Tubungan in the south, and San Remegio in the west. It is known as the ‘vegetable basket of Iloilo province’ for its abundance in asparagus, cabbages, baguio beans, and more. It is also known for its attraction, Bucari Mountain Range, which has been flocked by tourists and is dubbed as the ‘summer capital of Iloilo’ and ‘vegetable garden of Iloilo’.

With this, Cabalfin aims to highlight her roster of products to the Leonians.

Bread ni Josh offers hometown favorites such as banana muffins, pandesal, bichocoy, hopia, ensaymada, meringue, and more. Meanwhile, Keyk ni Jec offers pastries and savory, including its collection of cakes, coffee, milktea, and more. Bread ni Josh is located at 012 Cabaluna Street, Leon (contact number: 0928 506 9561) while Key ni Jec is located at #10 Cabaluna Street, also in Leon (contact number: 0928 506 9561)

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