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Local Group Advocates to Save Batiano River

Batiano River

Local Group Advocates to Save Batiano River: The Iloilo Local Initiators Group (ILIG) for Batiano, a local movement of concerned stakeholders, cemented their campaign to save Batiano River with a photo exhibit illustrating the river’s glory days and its current state after years of rapid urbanization.

The movement is supported by the Iloilo Water Resilience Initiative (IWARI), Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Inc. in partnership with the Catholic Relief Services and Green Forum Panay Guimaras Inc.

Batiano River, a waterway approximately 17.5 kilometers from Oton, passes through the shorelines of Villa Arevalo, down to the district of Molo, and empties into the Iloilo Strait. A then thriving river with a variety of flora and fauna, Batiano River has become a cesspool of domestic and industrial waste.

“Batiano River is also considered as a river basin, it is the recipient of many pollution sources coming from agricultural runoffs, domestic wastes from commercial and residential areas, industrial waste discharges, and small to medium scale piggeries,” excerpts from the 2020 Annual Assessment Report of the Environmental Management Bureau Region VI.

To date, there are 20 barangays, approximately 96,519 people inhabiting its banks and residing through its interior communities that are formed by households and commercial areas, bisected by bridges like the Batiano Bridge in Poblacion to the Sevirino Haro Bridge in Oton, and then bridges in Villa Arevalo: Mohon, Sta. Cruz, and Sto. Niño, on to Calumpang and Boulevard in Molo.

The Iloilo Local Initiators Group (ILIG) Batiano aspires to rehabilitate the said river. One of the group’s thrusts is through a photo exhibit at Cafe Gloria in Villa.

“The river carries rich historical significance, pointing to earlier settlers and communities in Oton and down through its route, and having a thriving flora and fauna with various bird species and mangroves. Its aquaculture function serves as a food source and livelihood among community folks residing along its scenic river banks,” excerpts from the group’s photo exhibit.

“The community is taking action through ILIG Batiano, a community-based multi-sectoral civil society organization formed to resuscitate the river in order to bring it back to its original function,” it adds.

Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Inc Senior Program Officer for Environment Monina Pacheco shares an inspirational message during the launching of the Iloilo Local Initiators Group (ILIG) for Batiano, a local movement of concerned stakeholders to save Batiano River.

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