When Lockdown Strikes: Five Best Free Online Games to Play

Best Free Online Games

Best free online games to play: As of writing, the local government – where I am living – has just announced that the locality will be placed on a ‘harder’ lockdown because ‘hard’ wasn’t enough – that means only essential establishments will be open and that everyone is encouraged, yet again, to stay at home. For the past two years, life has been different. The indoor life has led me to explore the online world deeper, ‘harder’.

With work slowly shifting online and the recent realization that the transition to ‘normal’ seems farfetched, I decided to explore ways to entertain myself within the four corners of my abode. Work is essential but, at times, you need to entertain yourself. You have to. There are mobile games, social media, and Netflix, to mention a few. Just recently, I decided to dedicate at least an hour, or more, of my time every day to entertainment – that means mobile games, social media, Netflix, and more.

I like playing games.

I am a big fan of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, a mobile application offering a multiplayer battle arena experience. The game reminds me of League of Legends, which is another favorite. It is best played with friends – thus the saying, “friend who play rank together, makes the friendship stronger”. Old favorites of mine include Battle Realms and Torchlight. One of my most, most favorite – aside from it based on my favorite animated series – is The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It is a freemium city-building mobile game based on The Simpsons. Basically, you get to build your own Springfield (and ruin it) with characters from the show.

However, there are certain downsides when it comes to mobile game applications. Aside from downloading it, you need enough space on your device. You need to have stable internet and you have to watch out for updates. You also need to check your gadget for software updates. And most of all, not everything is for free – some have in-app purchasing. You want something that’s cool, well, you need to shell out money for it.

So, for a change, I tried exploring games on websites. And I found Play.Org.

Best free online games to play. Plays.Org is a website offering free and fun online games. No need to download it. Just type in the website and enjoy a large number of games – educational, hidden object, simulation, strategy, word, and more. And as mentioned earlier, I promised to dedicate an hour of my time each day to games, and I focused on games on the website. Here, I share my top five favorites.

Lego City Adventures Build and Protect

This is the first game I tried because I like building communities. This also reminds me of the City Island Collection where you need to address the needs of your community – they need homes, a police station, a fire station, establishments that make money, and more! Lego City Adventures Build and Protect, meanwhile, is based on the hit construction toy (and eventually movie) Lego. The mechanics of the game is simple: dig up Legos to build structures. Once you hit 25 buildings you get to unlock the next district. Play here.

Best Free Online Games

SpongeBob SquarePants Word Blocks

Aside from the games mentioned above, I am also a word game geek. I love Scrabbles, Bookworm Adventures, and everything that can allow you to form words. I clicked this game initially because it was a word game, and it being SpongeBob SquarePants is a bonus. The game is a fun 37-level word puzzle game where you click on a set of letter tiles that spells a word to get the other tiles to fall into place to make other words and repeat until no tiles are left. It was funny because most of the words are related to the quirky SpongeBob SquarePants cartoon. Play here.

Best Free Online Games

Fashion Dress Up Game for Girls and Boys

Because, c’mon, who doesn’t like to play doll? I’ve always loved Barbie ever since I was a child. This also reminds me of the mobile application Project Makeover, which drove me nuts because the puzzles were getting harder and harder, and couldn’t proceed (unless I make a purchase). It also reminded me of the Covet Fashion app. The Fashion Dress Up Game for Girls and Boys is just a simple dress-up game where you can change their hair, face, clothing, shoes, and more. Play here.

Best Free Online Games

Words Family Game

* Writer’s pick* This is the winner for me. At first, I wasn’t able to understand the mechanics of the game. But when I did, it blew my mind. If you are a fan of puzzles and words, at the same time, this is the game for you. You basically need to spell words by arranging the letter tiles to fill in the puzzle. It is an extremely stimulating game – the type that challenges you. One that makes you want to solve the puzzle – or else it’ll haunt you in your sleep, just kidding. If the creators make this more challenging than it is, it’d be awesome. Play here.

Best Free Online Games

Fight Virus COVID-19 Hospital Simulation Game

COVID edition game. This is insane because I couldn’t keep up. In this game, you are in charge of a hospital. Patients keep coming in and you have to keep the hospital clean and sanitary to prevent the spread of the deadly disease. Click to clean up the virus and click on patients to get them tested and help them recover. If the hospital gets 70% infected, the game is over. It only goes to show that speed in accommodating patients, getting them tested, and helping them recover is imperative in treating the deadly virus – in real life. Play here.

By far, those are my top five games on Plays.Org. Just head on to the website and play. If you find a game you like, comment down below to share the fun. Enjoy! Stay tuned for more articles on!

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