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Best POS System for Your Small Business: New to the business? One valuable aspect in running a business is to have a POS System. A Point of Sale (POS), according to Investopedia, refers to the ‘place where a customer executes the payment for goods or services and where sales tax may become payable. It can be in a physical store, where POS terminals and systems are used to process card payments or a virtual sales point such as a computer or mobile electronic device.’

At the literal ‘point of sale’, the seller calculates the amount owed by the customer for goods or services rendered, then indicates the amount and prepares an invoice (maybe in the form of a cash register payout) then presents the customer with payment options. After payment, the seller issues a receipt for the transaction may be in the form of a printed receipt or sent electronically.

A mobile POS typically runs on a smartphone, tablet, or dedicated wireless device and has the power to function as a cash register or electronic POS terminal. Select mobile POS systems have additional features such as inventory management, user interface, high security, system integration, and even customer support.

To make the long story short, a POS system can do wonders for your business.

Peddlr app

And a mobile POS is exactly what the Peddlr App is. The Peddlr app is a free Smart POS App that assists small and micro businesses in recording sales, log expenses and understand business performance. The app generates easy-to-understand accounting reports. Here are some features of the app.

  • Time saving. Will save 1 to 2 daily hours of transaction and bookkeeping.
  • Informed decisions. Business owners can make decisions thru business accounting reports.
  • On the go. No more worrying of losing business records. Access is on the cloud.
  • Internet connectivity will never be an issue.

Most of all the Peddlr app is free to download.

Best POS System for Small Business

What customers are saying about Peddlr

“First of all, kudos to all the people behind this wonderful application. It is actually helping me on my small sideline of being an aggregator! I am almost giving up when I met this app thru a Facebook post because of the prices of an eCommerce website I have been inquiring for. It works well, I gave them five stars because some of the people behind it are very approachable when you ask them for help. And they were always promising to the full development of this app in the near future.” – Ronnel Contreras, Peddlr App user.

“It’s a really good application and user-friendly. Can add products in an easy and simple way. This will help a lot to the user or business to be more profitable and add sales. Thanks a lot for this free app. All admin are very accommodating as well. No doubt it is a five star.” – Dharyl De Torress, Peddlr App user

“Kudos to the developers behind this app. It helps SMEs to instantly have their own website to sell products, monitor sales, their cost, and inventories. Sobrang appreciated ko siya. Looking forward for the app upgrades. Thanks po ulit.” – Emerald Rico, Peddlr App user

Looking for a reliable POS system for your business? Learn more about Peddlr now.

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