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Billionaire Jack Ma Suspected Missing

Jack Ma Suspected Missing
Photo courtesy of Foundations World Economic Forum via Flickr

Jack Ma Suspected Missing: Several news outlets have reported that billionaire Jack Ma might be missing since his last public appearance in November, in his own reality show ‘Africa’s Business Heroes’ where he stars as a judge. It was also reported that Ma has been missing in action, ‘the same time he had hit out at the ruling communist regime in China.

“Chinese billionaire Jack Ma has been missing in action. The Alibaba founder has reportedly not been seen in public since October, the same time when he had hit out at the ruling Communist regime in China,” an excerpt from an article by The Economic Times. Read more: Where is Jack Ma? Business tycoon MIA since October, name removed from talent show website.

“The Financial Times reported that he was replaced as a judge in the show’s finale, and his picture was also removed from the webpage. It also added that a promotional video, sans Ma, was aired,” the article added.

Moreover, an article by Business Insider provided details regarding Ma’s relationship with China.

“Ma has been in the spotlight recently as China has cracked down on his business empire. In late December, Chinese regulators launched an antitrust investigation into Alibaba, the country’s biggest e-commerce company that some refer to as “the Amazon of China.” And in November, China had introduced a series of new regulations that put a halt to what would have been the massive initial public offering of Ma’s fintech company, Ant Group,” an excerpt from an article by Business Insider. Read more: Where is Jack Ma? Alibaba’s billionaire founder is reportedly missing following China’s crackdowns on his companies

“The new rules came weeks after Ma criticized China’s financial regulatory system at a conference in Shanghai in October. At the conference, Ma reportedly dismissed the global financial regulations used by China as “an old people’s club” and said, “We can’t use yesterday’s methods to regulate the future,” the article adds.

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