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Black Plague Disease Resurrects in China

‘Two people just got the plague in China – yes, the Black Death Plague’ was the headline of CNN Philippines after two persons in China were diagnosed to have the disease. The Black Death, responsible for millions of death and one of the deadliest pandemic in history, was detected last May, after a Mongolian couple succumbed to the disease. Both died from bubonic plague after consuming raw kidney from a marmot, believing to have health benefits.

The recent victims are from the Chinese Province of Inner Mongolia. Both are diagnosed with pneumonic plague by physicians from Beijing. Both are now receiving treatment at Chaoyang District in Beijing, and authorities are reportedly implementing control measures.

Although not completely eradicated, there have been 3,248 recorded cases – 584 deaths – from 2010 to 2015, according to the World Health Organization. The three endemic countries include Democratic Republic of the Congo, Madagascar, and Peru. Read more: two people just got the plague – yes, the black death plague 

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