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Buho Bakery

Buho Bakery

Buho Bakery: Nestled in an alley along Mapa Street, Buho Bakery is a prized gem. It offers bread ‘hot from the oven’. Prior to its expansion, it was said that all transactions and purchases are made via the hole, a literal hole in the wall. Now, the bakery has a shop. Upon entry, you will notice an assortment of bread displayed in a glass casing – and more in metal pans at the back.

Its bestseller is the ‘panso’, bread with a sweet filling. Other crowd favorites include pandesal, pandesiosa, pan de leche, teren teren, ensaimada, half moon, sambag, bola de oro, and mamon, to mention a few.

Here are personal accounts of locals with the famed bakery.

“Yes, I can still remember the Buho Bakery, they baked morning and afternoon. Hot pandesal and pancho. My auntie lived in Mapa Street next to Dun Yat Sen. That’s after the second world war. Love to hear people still enjoying it. From Perth, W.A.” says Milagros.

“I remember when I was young. Dad and I usually stop by at Buho Bakery after we went to the Central Market to buy fresh wood, fire cooked hot pandesal and panso. It is tender and tasty, especially with warm coffee,” says Sul.

“I remember Buho Bakery when I was studying at the University of Iloilo (UI), a walking distance along Mapa Street, on a small alley where it is located. Yummy hot pandesal and very affordable budget snack,” says Rudy.

“Never forgotten this during the 8s’ it’s our nightly ritual must-go-to buy hot pandesal and panso. Nasa Iznart, Magsaysay lang kami nag board so it’s just few minutes walk,” says Madeliene.

“Love the panso. Enjoy eating with my classmates in University of Iloilo. It’s really fun. Those were the days. Hot panso with Coke,” says Cecilia.

Note: Comments were taken from this Facebook post.

How to Get to Buho Bakery: It is located in an alley along Mapa Street. Mapa Street can be accessed via JM Basa Street where the former Iloilo Freedom Grandstand stood, or Rizal Street where the University of Iloilo stands. Either way, you will be able to see Sun Yat Sen High School of Iloilo. Look for the bridge that connects the two Sun Yat Sen buildings. The first alley from the bridge will lead you to Buho Bakery. Jeepneys that pass by JM Basa and Rizal include Lapaz, Timawa, and Jaro CPU.

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  1. Since i was studying in high-school wayback 1994@University of iloilo. Me and my classmates asking me to go with them during our breaktime they named “Buho” i said what is that it’s Buho i said what..? They ask me again to join with them jjst come with us and you well see 🙂🙂🙂 until i found out that whole is they said buho so what kind of bread do you like Panchu then i buy iys inly 1.50 peso that time more chip 😁😁😁 and when i taste it wow super delecious very tasty bread one of my favorite Panchu bread made from “Buho” its a small hole ang its a bales shop❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. Their pan de sal is an all time favourite, a cut from the rest; their version of this national bread is so uniquely theirs.
    Ilonggos have aged with these taste in their palate and have considered these tastes part of the traditional culinary culture.
    Let’s continue to patronize what is uniquely ours….

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