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Carlo’s Big Loaf: Carlo’s Bakeshop at 30 years: Carlo’s Bakeshop is on its 30th year of business in Panay Island.  It has grown from its initial offer of cakes to bread and pastries aside from ‘merienda’, pasta, and other dishes. Carlo’s has embarked on activities to celebrate their year-long anniversary and has given back to the loyal consumers.

Some earlier activities were the launch of new products like the All Occasion Rolls Collection and its thanksgiving anniversary promo Carlo’s Anniversary Blow Out where P35,000.00 worth of prizes such as a kitchen showcase, flat TV, and washing machines are to be raffled away before the end of the year. They have also joined the City government’s Buluwanon na Nanay project last May to honor the mothers of Iloilo. Carlo’s has also identified the mother as a key component in the success of their business and has focused their activities this year on the family’s decision-maker.

The next generation Treñas children, who now run the company, keep innovating and upgrading offers to the more demanding consumers and try to keep up with the ever-changing lifestyles of the consumers with their new products.

Carlo's Big Loaf

New Carlo’s Big Loaf: This August, Carlo’s Bakeshop has launched the new Carlo’s Big Loaf as part of its anniversary celebration plans. Months of planning and testing the product has resulted to the new Carlo’s BIG LOAF one can see now in shelves of leading supermarkets and ‘suking tindahan’.  Definitely, one can see the changes in the way Carlo’s Bakeshop has made and marketed the Carlo’s Big Loaf from the actual product and its characteristics to its packaging and its ads.

“Consumers are changing and of course, you know even tastes change, we keep making new products and improving on old favorites to cater to the ever altering needs of the consumers.  Nowadays, with rising costs, mothers worry about feeding their family with good food, but making sure they are within budget.  A practical mother is the super star of the family.” – Paolo Sarabia Trenas, Marketing Director of Carlo’s Bakeshop

Together with value for money, consumers want to know what the usual loaf of bread qualities are and what they would be: Good taste even without ‘palaman’ (consumers, especially in Iloilo, seem  to like just the right kind of sweetness in their bread which can make it stand alone with spread or without) | Tenderness/Softness (which is why consumers squeeze the loaf in supermarkets) | Buttery smell (which consumers attribute to bread tasting well) | Color quality (not too white, not too yellow, because the color in loaf would mean it uses too many preservatives and bread is processed bread) | Freshness (bread normally expires after 7 days and get mold, if it stays any longer than 7 days, then it is processed bread with too many preservatives)

Carlo’s Big Loaf is a loaf that has more than just what consumers look for.  Carlo’s Big Loaf has added and emphasized its offer of being heavier at 720 grams. It is 50+ grams heavier than the leading competitor in Panay, making it actually the heaviest bread. At the same price of other loaves, customers get a bang for their buck at P57.50 ranging 8% more per gram. Bigger and with more slices now, mothers can now provide for breakfast, school ‘baon’, and ‘merienda’ for the family. Carlo’s Big Loaf is indeed it is BIGATIN in weight and savings. Indeed, practical mothers will choose the loaf which offers more and new Carlo’s Big Loaf is the best loaf for the practical moms of today.

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