Iloilo City Districts

Barrio Obrero: The Workingmen’s Village

Barrio Obrero: On May 4, 1951, then-Philippine President Elpidio Quirino signed Proclamation No. 251, Series of 1951 that established Barrio Obrero. Written accounts of the village now referred to as ‘Bo. Obrero’ described the village as a mangrove swamp.  Located some 4 kilometers away from the Iloilo downtown area, it was home and shelter for… Continue reading Barrio Obrero: The Workingmen’s Village

Iloilo City Hotels

Injap Tower Hotel

'Stay safe, stay happy' is the promise of Injap Tower Hotel, nestled along Diversion Road in Mandurriao, Iloilo City. The hotel takes pride in its signature 'Happy Room', complete with features and facilities that ensure a 'happy stay'. "Injap Tower Hotel in Iloilo offers affordable, safe, and comfortable accommodations in the heart of Iloilo City.… Continue reading Injap Tower Hotel

Iloilo City

Profriends: Property Company of Friends

Property Company of Friends (Profriends): The brainchild of Guillermo Choa and a group of friends who shared his vision, the Property Company of Friends, Inc was incorporated on February 23, 1999. The brand began its journey as a provider of housing units in small pocket developments in Cavite and later on grew to include medium-rise… Continue reading Profriends: Property Company of Friends

Iloilo City

Profriends: Monticello Villas

'Enter a world of happiness at Monticello Villas' - is the promise of Monticello Villas, a development by Property Company of Friends (Profriends). Launched in 2007, Monticello Villas is specifically designed for young families to own a home in a gated subdivision (guarded 24/7 by security personnel and CCTV cameras). The 61-hectare community is located… Continue reading Profriends: Monticello Villas

Iloilo City Hotels

Zuri Hotel Iloilo

'Experience value beyond excellence' is the promise of Zuri Hotel Iloilo, a 10-story structure along Benigno Aquino Avenue in Mandurriao, Iloilo City. Named after a Swahili word that translates to 'beautiful', Zuri is committed to providing luxury hotel experiences to guests, with service and hospitality deeply rooted in Ilonggo culture. The hotel takes pride in… Continue reading Zuri Hotel Iloilo

Heritage Sites

Camiña Balay nga Bato

Camiña Balay nga Bato: “Where the past is always present. A leading platform of Western Visayas heritage experiences and products,” is a statement found on the Camiña Balay nga Bato social media page. It is a “showcase of Ilonggo culture, heritage, and gastronomy” and guests can “experience how the prominent Ilonggos live more than 100… Continue reading Camiña Balay nga Bato

Iloilo City

Myara Grove by DBC Homes: A Sanctuary in the Heart of the City

DBC Homes: Targeted to be among the top five most livable highly urbanized city in the Philippines by 2028, Iloilo City is fast becoming a business and tourism destination for Filipinos and foreigners. With initiatives anchored on welfare, health, education, environment, livelihood, and sustainability, the local government has nurtured and shaped the metro into the… Continue reading Myara Grove by DBC Homes: A Sanctuary in the Heart of the City

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A Tribute to the Philippine Jeepney

A Tribute to the Philippine Jeepney: Adobo Magazine called the Filipino jeepney the 'king of the road'. Culture Trip cited it as a 'national symbol'. Now facing an impending phaseout, let us look back on the Filipino jeepney and how it has embedded itself into the country's culture and identity. Background and History Jeepneys have… Continue reading A Tribute to the Philippine Jeepney

Iloilo City Food


Roberto's. An icon in the City of Iloilo, Roberto's is much more than a household name. It has become a living legend and an institution in terms of business longevity. Established in 1978, Roberto's is one of the strongest culinary forerunners in the metro, taking pride in its signature versions of lumpia shanghai, meatballs, and… Continue reading Roberto’s

Iloilo City Food

2007 Coffee and Pastries

2007 Coffee and Pastries: Coffee is a growing industry in the City of Love. Over the years, Ilonggos have witnessed a growing number of cafes offering endless varieties of coffee beverages. One newcomer in the industry is the 2007 Coffee and Pastries. Nestled on the GF of Alcove Building along General Luna St. in Iloilo… Continue reading 2007 Coffee and Pastries

Iloilo City Events

Iloilo Paraw Regatta

Iloilo Paraw Regatta: The Iloilo Paraw Regatta Festival is an annual festival held in Iloilo City, particularly in the Villa de Arevalo district. It highlights the 'paraw', a Visayan double-outrigger sailboat. The event is considered one of the oldest craft events in Asia, and the largest sailing event in the Philippines. According to the Iloilo… Continue reading Iloilo Paraw Regatta

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Sunburst Park

Sunburst Park: The ‘return of the comeback’ is probably a fitting phrase to describe Sunburst Park. Prior to its reintroduction to the City of Love, the original Sunburst existed long time ago. Its long history started with the Iloilo Customs House, built in 1916 during the American Colonial Period. In front of the building was… Continue reading Sunburst Park

Iloilo City Districts

District of Mandurriao, Iloilo

District of Mandurriao: Iloilo’s central business district. Mandurriao, one of the seven districts of Iloilo City, is the second-largest by land area as well as the third most populous. It is the site of the developing Iloilo midtown area and is seen as the commercial and financial hub of Iloilo City. Megaworld Iloilo Business Park:… Continue reading District of Mandurriao, Iloilo

Iloilo City Districts

District of Arevalo, Iloilo

District of Arevalo: Arevalo is the westernmost district in Iloilo City as it borders Oton to the west. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘flower capital of Iloilo’ due to its collection of ornamental plants. It is also known for its firecrackers, fireworks, resorts, nightlife, and beaches. Apart from that, it is also home… Continue reading District of Arevalo, Iloilo

Iloilo City Districts

District of Jaro, Iloilo

District of Jaro, Iloilo: During the Spanish era, it was a standard practice that a ‘plaza’ was constructed in community areas. It was a strategy by the Spaniards to bring communities together and closer to Catholicism, as well as to administrative rule. Moreover, natives were encouraged to erect their houses around the plaza. This was… Continue reading District of Jaro, Iloilo

Iloilo City Districts

District of Molo, Iloilo

District of Molo: Molo, a district in Iloilo City, is the most densely populated compared to other districts. Unbeknownst to many, Molo was the original ‘Parian’ (Chinese district or Chinatown) of Iloilo City. Molo used to be a separate municipality before it was incorporated into the then-municipality of Iloilo via Act No. 719 of 1903.… Continue reading District of Molo, Iloilo

Iloilo City Hotels

Go Hotels Iloilo

Go Hotels in Iloilo: The hotel is set to welcome and fulfill its promise for guests to #GoExploreMore while offering affordable and quality convenience for travelers and tourists in Iloilo. Referred to as the 'The Heart of the Philippines' due to its location in the middle of the Philippine archipelago, Iloilo is rich in historic… Continue reading Go Hotels Iloilo