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#FeaturedIlonggo Alanna Patricio

#FeaturedIlonggo Alanna Patricio: Born and raised in Florida to Ilonggo parents, Alanna Patricio ventured into the music industry at the tender age of 16. With the support of her parents, she released her first single titled 'Density' in December 2023. Within a week of the song's release, the track gathered 10k streams on Spotify and… Continue reading #FeaturedIlonggo Alanna Patricio

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#FeaturedIlonggo: Bronze P

Featured Ilonggo: Bronze P, Basta Ilongga Gwapa Singer. "Basta Ilongga gwapa," one of the most popular phrases describing unique Ilongga beauty, came from the song entitled 'Ilongga Gwapa'. The phrase, from a simple song lyric, transformed into an empowering catchphrase that describes the allure of Ilongga beauty. 'Ilongga Gwapa' is a song by Clique This,… Continue reading #FeaturedIlonggo: Bronze P


#FeaturedIlonggo: Kris Traviña

Editor’s note: Supposed to be a promotional article for The Wedding Concierge, we detoured into the interesting life of event organizer Kris Catequista Traviña, the man behind the business. Here we explore his story, his frailties, his strength, his success – through his own words. I’m Kris Catequista Traviña, the second child of a lawyer… Continue reading #FeaturedIlonggo: Kris Traviña

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#FeaturedIlonggo: Carmelo Camohoy III

Ilonggo Visual Artist: “Passion ko gid ang art,” states Carmelo Getuya Camohoy III, an Ilonggo artist. Carmelo discovered his passion for the arts at the tender age of five. Although a Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate from St. Therese MTC Colleges, Carmelo continues to pursue his endeavor of crafting art pieces,… Continue reading #FeaturedIlonggo: Carmelo Camohoy III