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DOT Lists Tourist Spots Now Open for Visitors

The Department of Tourism has recently launched an online platform listing tourism spots that are now open for visitors amid the COVID-19 threat. The website (https://www.philippines.travel/safeph) provides a comprehensive guide for tourists who wish to travel in the country. “Public safety announcement: The Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) is ensuring that tourism stakeholders implement the… Continue reading DOT Lists Tourist Spots Now Open for Visitors

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Guide to Roxas City

Hailed as the 'seafood capital of the Philippines', Roxas is nestled north central of Panay island. The Capiz capital, used to be called Municipality of Capiz, became a chartered city in 1951 and was renamed 'Roxas' in honor of native Manuel Roxas, the fourth president of the Philippines. Roxas City is known for its diverse… Continue reading Guide to Roxas City

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Guide to Carles

Carles, the northernmost municipality in the province of Iloilo, is truly a gem in the island of Panay. Known for its rich fishing grounds, Carles is home to one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the region. The Higantes Group of Islands, otherwise known as Islas de Gigantes, has gained popularity over the… Continue reading Guide to Carles

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Guide to Guimaras Island

I have been to the summer capital of the Philippines and the world's oldest Chinatown. Been to many eskenitas in Iloilo City but, I figured, I have not yet explored the city's closest island neighbor, Guimaras. Join me as I explore destinations and discover the rich history and culture of the island paradise that is… Continue reading Guide to Guimaras Island

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Guide to San Joaquin

Have to say, I am not much of a traveler. I like staying indoors and stationary in a cushioned seat. However, when you are paired with an adventurer you can't help but develop a figurative althlete's feet, an itch to explore horizons - but that's not entirely me. Sofa seats and desk with drawers are… Continue reading Guide to San Joaquin

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Guide to Binondo

Unlike any other article, I begin this with a long sigh and a deep recollection of what transpired during the trip – recalling the experiences frame by frame, moment by moment. Just recently, I find myself at a loss for words. I haven't written anything for a while. I constantly find myself tired, burnt, and… Continue reading Guide to Binondo

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Guide to Baguio

Travel enriches the psyche, so they say. It nourishes the soul. Prior the trip to the summer capital of the Philippines, Manila's Chinatown, and the country's capital, I found myself 'stuck', literally and figuratively, in the city of love in a pseudo quarter life crisis. Burnout seems like an appropriate description to how I felt.… Continue reading Guide to Baguio