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Cemeteries to Close from October 30 to November 2

The Iloilo City Government recently issued Executive Order No. 144 imposing the interim closure of all cemeteries, both public and private, from October 30 to November 2 – just in time for All Saint’s Day and All Soul’s Day.

“Local government units are mandated to act within the letter and spirit of all rules, regulations, and directives issued by the National Government, and for them to fully cooperate in implementing policies to address COVID-19… pursuant to the General Welfare Clause of the Local Government Code, every local government shall within their territorial jurisdictions promote health and safety of its residents.” -excerpts from Executive Order No. 144

In the EO, it was mentioned that the Philippine National Police, together with the Barangay Officials, will be implementing the said mandate. Moreover, all public and private cemeteries, memorial parks and columbaries shall augment the forces of the personnel of the Iloilo City Government.

Here is the official EO below:

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