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Central Philippine University Switches Christmas Lights On

Just recently, Central Philippine University held a ceremonial switch on of Christmas lights followed by a grand firework display at the university grounds. The event was attended by public officials, members of the Board of Trustees, the Alumni Board, University administrators, and guests. Guests were then led to the Educational Media Center for the Alumni Fellowship Dinner where induction of Central Philippine University Alumni Association Inc Officers and Board of Trustees took place.

According to the current Central Philippine University Alumni Association Inc President Isagani Jalbuena, the Festival of Lights and Music at Central will have several innovations for this year.

“One of the big additions is a Christmas Village on a vacant lot between Franklin and Roblee Halls. This is in cooperation with CPUR and the CPU Packaging Engineering,” states the alumni president in an interview on CPU TV’s Looking Forward.

Some of the innovations include a giant Christmas tree installed at the Centralian Walkway along Anahaw road, decorated trees with white Christmas lights and ornamental snowflakes, to mention a few. According to the alumni president, the materials used in the construction of the Christmas tree include recyclable by-products of waste materials.

Moreover, the CPU Symphonic Band will play during the nightly music and entertainment shows at the Big Field, Centennial Walkway, and the Alumni Promenade and Concert Park.

Photos were taken by Mr. Felipe Uygongco.

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