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City Hall to Launch ‘QVID App’

Just recently, in a social media post by the Iloilo City Government, it was revealed that a smartphone app called QVID Official Companion is set to be launched on Monday. The app is applicable to all City Hall employees in a bid to ‘fast-track contact tracing in the event of a confirmed case of coronavirus disease. The application will utilize QR code technology.

“Every employee of City Hall will generate the QR Code – this is a way of tracking the presence of employees. Actually, it has three mechanism – one is the admin, next for the individual employee, then we have the checkpoint,” states Project Team Leader Mark Milan Jagunap.

“So, every department, every floor has designated person who will do the scanning. You will have the option – if you have the android phone, it can download the app for you to use. We will print out QR Codes then the checkpoint. But for now, we do not have for Iphones or IOS users – only Android users will be scanned by the checker of every department and every floor,” he continues.

The City Government will need a coordinated strategy among the project management team, department heads, heads of offices, and executive assistants. Each admin of the office will ‘register all personnel and monitor the entrance and exit points and ensure that all have logged in and out.

“We are asking for the cooperation of employees to scan or to have their IDs scanned for the protection of everyone. And at the same time, at least, we will have a sense of security that if someone will be infected we will be able to trace immediately,” Jagunap adds.

“The ability for the city government is to have the capability to trace initially with the employees because it’s very important to have continuous services. We need to protect our employees. And that’s when the developed app will play a significant role in the Covid response,”he concludes.

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