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CMS Social Media Awards on its 4th Year

CMS Social Media Awards

CMS Social Media Awards on its 4th Year: The CMS Social Media Awards (CSMA) embarks on its fourth year of honoring individuals and organizations who exhibit responsible use on social media. It is the premier and the only award-giving body in Western Visayas that upholds the responsible use of social media.

This year’s theme is “Breaking through the Outbreak”, with the goal of celebrating the creativity and tenacity of influencers who have been able to emerge from the situation and cultivate their platforms amid the pandemic. CSMA 2021 is organized by students under CMS 169 of the advertising stream in the Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies at the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV), under the supervision of Professor Kevin Piamonte. This will also be facilitated by UPV Libertas and Professor Jude Vincent Parcon, the Chair of the Division of Humanities.

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Prof. Piamonte first got involved when the event was brought out of UP Visayas Campus.

“I thought going beyond our campus was a big step, and here we are today taking bigger steps and breaking barriers,” Prof. Piamonte explained. Unlike 2019, CSMA 2021 is not exclusive to influencers from Iloilo City alone but is now breaking through the whole Panay island. CSMA 2021 is open to all individuals from universities, colleges, and organizations across Panay who are engaged in the effective and positive use of social media.

“Today, the CSMA aims to reach the farthest it can in Panay and award the biggest winner that deserves it,” the founder, Professor Bobby Rodriguez said. The nomination campaign commenced last October 19, 2021 and will end on November 12, 2021. Everyone can nominate through the google form links found on the CSMA official Facebook page, fb.me/TheCSMAOfficial.

Nominated individuals will have the chance to win awards for the Best Use of Facebook, Best Use of Twitter, Best Use of Tiktok, Best Use of Vlog, Best Use of Instagram, and Best Social Media Influencers. Meanwhile, nominated organizations may win Best Viral Campaign, Best Organizational Event Campaign, Best Social Media Influencer, and Best Pandemic-Related Service Campaign.

One of the current campaign heads, Jose Levy Biojan Jr. notes that he was a runner for CSMA in his freshman year.

“Now that I’m in my last year in college, I am thrilled to lead the CSMA with my classmate Hope Abilo and bring our ideas to life. Together we will break through this outbreak,” Biojan said. The awards night will be on December 17, 2021, via zoom and broadcast live on Facebook and YouTube.

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