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Coach Nile Spearheads ‘CoLOVEboration’

Coach Nile

Nile Kris Jan Banga, known as Coach Nile and blogger behind Nile on Weekends, spearheads ‘CoLOVEboration’, a donation drive aiming to provide Noche Buena packages to marginalized sectors.

“CoLOVEboration started last quarter of last year with an inspiration to be a bearer of hope and joy to marginalized sectors. It came from the word “collaboration” with the essence of love. CoLOVEboration is to bring small efforts together to make a big impact. This year, it grew from just impacting one family to 39 families which the organizers are very thankful for,” states Coach Nile.

The Ilonggo blogger was able to raise 39 Noche Buena packages worth Php 500 each. It was also through the effort of partner brands that made the drive possible: LoveSpeaks, Rn-Rj Printing Services, 39 Events Couture Corp., Kuki, Thinkspace Co-Working Hub, and Buildura Construction Supply and Services.

“The package is enough to make spaghetti and macaroni salad,” adds Nile.

The recipients are individuals from select sectors: trisikad drivers from Jaro and selected families from Bolilao, Guimbal, and Sta. Barbara. Read: CoLOVEboration Delivers Noche Buena to Families

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