Coffeebreak Introduces Chocolate Traditions


Coffeebreak: Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year – perfect for a cup of hot chocolate beside the sparkling lights of the Christmas tree, feeling the cold seasonal breeze seeping through a half-open window. This 1st of December, Coffeebreak introduces Chocolate Traditions – five (5) different blends of tablea-based chocolate perfect not only for the month of December but all year round – best when you need a warm companion or when you simply want to satisfy your inner child. Chocolate traditions include Rich Choco Frappe (Php 130), Iced Rich Chocolate (Php 120), Chococcino (Php 120), Rich Hot Chocolate (Php 105), and Choco Latte (Php 120). Kindly note that these hot and cold chocolate-based beverages do not contain any coffee.

What sets Chocolate Traditions apart, compared to the already existing chocolate-based beverages that Coffeebreak has, is that these five have taken chocolate to a higher level. Already existing chocolate-based beverages mix chocolate with water, meanwhile, Chocolate Traditions combine chocolate with milk thus making it thicker, richer chocolate.


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