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Community Pantries in Iloilo

Community Pantries in Iloilo

Community Pantries in Iloilo: Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas encourages organizers in the city to put up community pantries, as inspired by the Maharlika Community Pantry. It can be recalled that there are already emerging community pantries in the metro – such as that in Alta Tierra and La Paz.

“Basta mga Ilonggo mabinuligon guid,” states Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas in a social media post. “To clarify the matter of community pantries in Iloilo City, as the duly elected city mayor of our beloved city, I am encouraging all organizers. Let us show our Bayanihan spirit in helping one another. You do not need to be elected or appointed to help our least privileged sectors of society. I fully support all organizers of community pantries. You do not need my permission to help your fellow Ilonggos,” he continues.

The community pantry initiative allows residents to take produce/items just enough to suffice needs and also encourages donors to share what they have with the community pantry. Read more: Wag Greedy: Hoarding of Community Pantry Sparks Outrage.

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