Comparing Mobile POS Systems

Mobile POS Systems
Mobile POS Systems: A Point-of-Sale (POS) System is important to your business. It increases efficiency, ease of use, offers diverse payment options, accuracy in reporting, inventory management, employee management, and even simplified accounting.

What is a mobile POS system? Mobile POS runs on a smartphone, tablet, or dedicated wireless device and has the power to function as a cash register or electronic POS terminal. Moreover, it is an advanced system stemming from the traditional POS System. Now the question remains, which POS System is best for your business?

Here, we compile some of the best mobile POS systems in the market.


LightSpeed is a cloud-based solution that serves retail and eCommerce stores, restaurants, and hospitality businesses, and even golf courses and clubhouses. It is powered by a POS and eCommerce software company headquartered in Montreal Quebec. Its app, LightSpeed Retail, has an integrated eCommerce feature, advanced reporting, store credit, inventory management, purchase orders, employee management, CRM reporting, and multistore capability. It works on an iPad and desktop.

The monthly fee starts at $69 with processing fee of 2.6% + $0.10.


Vend is a cloud-base POS and retail management software company based in Auckland, New Zealand. A POS suited for iPad, it can also run from a web browser on a desktop computer. Its features include built-in loyalty, inventory management, employee management, and customer management. It also has an iPad register that allows items to be on layaways, accepts gift cards, and connects a sale with a customer’s loyalty account. It also has the ability to transform your mobile phone into a barcode scanner via options on the app.

Vend has a limited free plan and a premium that starts at $99 a month.


Shopify started as an eCommerce software provider but later on transitioned into an all-in-one provider via its integrated payment service and robust POS system. It boasts a ‘one powerful platform’ with unified reporting, advanced inventory features, and custom staff permissions. It also offers seamless checkouts such as browse in-store, buy online; buy online, pickup in-store; and buy in-store, shop to customers.

Its entry-level plan, Shopify Lite, has a monthly fee of $9 a month and a processing fee of 2.7%.

But I am a small business owner and can’t afford to invest in expensive POS systems.


The Peddlr app is a FREE Smart POS App that assists small and micro businesses in recording sales, log expenses and understand business performance. The app generates easy-to-understand accounting reports.

  • Time-saving. Will save 1 to 2 daily hours of transaction and bookkeeping.
  • Informed decisions. Business owners can make decisions thru business accounting reports.
  • On the go. No more worrying about losing business records. Access is on the cloud.
  • Offline. Internet connectivity will never be an issue.

Most of all the Peddlr app is free! Learn more about it here.


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