Fun Computer Games for Kids

Computer Games for Kids

Fun Computer Games for Kids: Your kids will enjoy it – because I sure did! Computer/video games, contrary to popular belief, do have benefits for children. According to the website, “age-appropriate video games help kids develop physically, socially, and educationally.” But in moderation, it adds.

Computer/video games can help kids develop problem-solving skills. It can also help them make friends, encourage healthy competition, spark creativity, and even gain learning opportunities. It can also spike their interest in various topics such as history, culture, science, or math, depending on the nature of the game.

The website, in a bid to introduce kids to money management, added a roster of computer/video games for kids to enjoy and exercise their math strategy skills. The website guarantees that all games are fun and free. It is also educational. offers online calculators for mortgages, refinance, loans, ARM, amortization, and more. The website offers comprehensive and exhaustive tools that explain everything about mortgage (i.e. home value, loan amount, interest rate, loan term, property tax, PMI, homeowners insurance, HOA, charting, amortization tables, and more).

Games are categorized into the following:

  • Money Games
  • Real Estate Games
  • Food Business Simulation Games
  • Business Simulation Games
  • Software Development Games
  • Office Politics Games
  • … and other fun games!

Here is a glimpse of the games played.

Lego City Adventures Build and Protect

An iconic brand, Lego is first known for its construction toys before venturing into games, videos, and even movies. In this game, players will help Mayor Solomon Fleck build a Lego City with buildings that earn tax revenues that can be spent to build the rest of the city. To build structures, players are required to ‘dig’ and look for Lego pieces to complete and build a building. In this game, kids can develop their strategy skills and creativity by coming up with a beautiful and diverse Lego City. Play the game here.

Computer Games for Kids

The Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem

Have what it takes to run a grocery store? ‘The Casagrandes Mercado Mayhem’ is a grocery store simulation game where the player controls all operations. You have two characters: Ronnie Anne to assist incoming customers and Bobby to clean and stock shelves. You have to be fast though. You have to complete the grocery list of each customer before their patience runs out. In this game, kids can also develop their strategy skills as well as exercise their hand-eye coordination. Play the game here.

Computer Games for Kids

BBQ Roast

BBQ Roast is a simple merge game, but a visually pleasing one. Merge matching vegetables into the skewer, and don’t let vegetables reach past the end of the rack. Survive six levels. The mechanics of the game may sound mundane but it is really enjoyable. In this game, kids can again exercise their strategy as well as organization skills. Overall, kids can have a lot of fun in this game. Play the game here.

Computer Games for Kids

These are just some of the games played at MortgageCalculator. Apart from games, offers online calculators for mortgages, refinance, loans, ARM, amortization, and more. Visit the website here for more fun and games:

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