Condura Washing Machine in Iloilo

Condura Washing Machine: Condura, a Filipino brand for refrigerators and airconditioners, recently launched washing machines that are said to cater to the needs of Filipinos, consistent with its brand mantra ‘Alagang Pinoy’.

The Condura frontload washing machine is equipped with a Spa Care Program, assuring 99.9% bacteria-free clothes. The feature removes stains while effectively killing harmful bacteria by releasing warm steam during the wash cycle. It also has a Baby Care Program that increases water inflow during the rinse cycle to remove detergent residue, which is an allergen for babies and people with sensitive skin.

Moreover, the Condura topload washing machine delivers superior wash results through the latest innovations that help achieve effective and efficient cleaning. The Direct Drive Motor ensures less noise and fewer vibrations for a more reliable washing machine performance. Its detergent box has a maze-like structure that helps activate detergent. It also has high and strong side waterfall aids to remove dirt while providing tangle-free results, and rinsing out detergent completely.

Both Condura frontload and top load washing machines come with inverter technology that provides maximum power with minimum electricity consumption, giving the best value in product performance and energy savings.

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About Concepcion Industries Inc.

Concepcion Industries Inc. was established in 1962 by Jose Concepcion Sr. During the same year, CIC obtained a license from Carrier International to offer Carrier brand air conditioners in the Philippines. In 1977, a license for Kelvinator was obtained. In 1987, the Condura branded refrigerators and air conditioners were introduced in the market.

In 2006, Concepcion Durables Inc. (CDI) was formed as an official business entity to strengthen the Condura brand. CDI engages primarily in the manufacture, assembly, wholesale, retail, purchase, and trade of refrigeration equipment, including Condura and Kelvinator brands of refrigerators and freezers. CDI manufactures a select range of its products at its factory at LISP in Cabuyao, Laguna, adjacent to Concepcion-Carrier Airconditioning Company’s Manufacturing and R&D Facility.

Condura has a leadership presence in the residential and light commercial refrigeration market in the Philippines and has been recognized by consumers as the country’s most trusted brand for refrigerators. In 2020, Condura expanded its product portfolio to small domestic appliances such as rice cookers, coffee makers, juicers, and even free-standing cookers and laundry appliances.

For over 35 years, Condura has been a partner to every Filipino home: a brand designed by Filipinos, for the Filipinos.

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