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Crowds Flock to Get Glimpse of ‘White Sand’ Manila Bay

In varying media outfits, photos of large crowds go viral as people flock to get a glimpse of ‘white sand’ Manila Bay. It has been said that officials opened a portion of the coastline to the public to demonstrate the viability of using crushed dolomite in the beautification of the said area.

It may be recalled that the beautification sparked controversy after total costs amounted to Php 28 million. It may also be recalled that the use of dolomite was questioned after environmental groups claimed that the move was just to improve aesthetics and has little to do with rehabilitation.

Manila Bay is a 60 km semi-enclosed estuary and is considered as the country’s major center for economic activity such as shipping, fishing, aquaculture, and tourism activities. It is also known for its polluted waters – thus the move for rehabilitation.

Here are photos courtesy of Philippine Star:

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