Show Off Your Brand with a Custom Virtual Office

Show Off Your Brand with a Custom Virtual Office: As work goes global, more people are using videoconferencing to connect with vendors, colleagues, and customers. Zoom and Teams meetings are becoming commonplace in the workforce, whether you work from home or in the office. Wondering if it’s worth having the best Teams virtual backgrounds for your team? The branding opportunity to show off your logo is just one benefit of using a custom background during a videoconferencing meeting. Here are more reasons to invest in backgrounds.

Showing Off Your Logo

In today’s marketplace, your brand is your identity. Using a custom background lets you put your logo at the forefront of everyone’s mind during your meeting. It’s a marketing method to get your logo in front of more people. If you regularly host webinars, a small investment in a custom background can make a huge impact on recognition. Custom backgrounds are affordable and versatile, allowing you more opportunities to have your stakeholders tune into your brand.

Uniformity in Presentation Is Professional

There’s a lot to be said about consistency in presentations. A virtual background presents your team as coherent and cohesive. Everyone in the meeting knows who is on your team, which can be powerful. Your team can appear more unified, impressing clients and customers. More importantly, your team will feel more connected to each other, which is also very powerful. Teams with the same background can feel like they belong and they’re in this together.

Conceal Your Office

Offices can get messy, whether you work from home or in a corporate office. A branded Zoom background covers up what you don’t want your colleagues or stakeholders to see. Your team doesn’t have to clean up before a meeting or worry about someone seeing their reading list of books on the shelf. No one has to turn off their video during a meeting when they want others to see their faces because they are worried about how their office space may look.

Professional Meetings Without Distractions

Not only can offices get messy, there can be other distractions when you’re in a busy area. With virtual office backgrounds, you can tone down the distractions in a coffee shop or wherever you’re holding a meeting to let everyone focus on the meeting’s agenda instead of the cast of characters around you. An office background with your logo can boost confidence for those in the meeting and give you a conversation starter by changing the environment as you go into a meeting.

Advertise Your Logo

Meeting backgrounds can easily be adapted to different seasons and reasons. You keep your logo in the background, but you can switch up the theme to let others know which Super Bowl team you’re cheering on. After the Super Bowl, change the theme for Valentine’s Day or spring. Show off your logo along with your local school colors or patriotic themes for all the best summer holidays. If you’re trying to fill in a few minutes while everyone checks in, use your logo background to start talking about what’s happening in your community.

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