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Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee
Dalgona Coffee photo sourced from the website Distractify.

Just recently, the ‘Dalgona Coffee’ seemed to be an instant hit among netizens despite the enhanced community quarantine that sent everyone secluded in their respective homes. According to Spot.Ph, it is especially popular on Tiktok, where users attempt to create their own version of the said coffee.

But what is it exactly?

In an article by SimpleMost, Dalgona Coffee is defined as a form of ‘whipped coffee’ made by ‘mixing instant coffee with sugar and water and then spooning it over milk’. Moreover, SimpleMost revealed its basic recipe.

“Mix together two tablespoons each of instant coffee, sugar, and hot water. Then use a hand mixer or frother to create that creamy topping for the milk of your choice. Scoop your foamy mixture – iced or hot – and voila, you have whipped coffee,” in an article by SimpleMost.

According to Spot.Ph, Dalgona Coffee has its origin in India, Pakistan, and Macau where it is also known as whipped coffee or beaten coffee. However, its popularity skyrocketed when the caffeinated beverage appeared on the Korean TV show Pyunstorang in January. It was named as ‘Dalgona’ by actor Jung Il-Woo after hinting its resemblance to the Korean sponge candy of the same name.

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