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Death by Thinner: Men Dead with Homemade Alcohol

Two men are dead, and one is in critical condition after drinking homemade alcohol in Tondo, Manila. In a report by 24 Oras by Chino Gaston, Baseco Residents ‘Rene’, ‘Boboy’, and ‘Dandy’ made their own alcoholic concoction with coffee, vinegar, soft drink, and thinner as ingredients.

The group resorted to drinking the said mixture as an imposed liquor ban in mandated for the entire enhanced community lockdown in response to COVID-19.

“Kilala po dito talaga silang manginginom, e. Walang oras, walang araw po,” states Leni, Rene’s sister. Read more here: 2 dead, 1 critical after mixing thinner into homemade alcohol drink.


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