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Department of Tourism Launches ‘Kain Na!’ Virtual Store

In a social media post dated September 22, the Department of Tourism introduces ‘Kain Na!’ (, in a bid to help and support the food tourism industry as well as sustain efforts to position the country as a center of food and gastronomy.

“Your go-to local products are now right in the palm of your hands! Head on over to and browse the shops of local Filipino businesses for the best chocolate, coffee, and tea delicacies,”in a social media post by the Department of Tourism – Philippines.

In the ‘Kain Na!’ website, it details the objectives of the initiative: it is to sustain the development and promotion of the Philippines as a center of food and gastronomy; provide a venue to enrich and promote farm and culinary tourism; mobilize a network of industry stakeholders and practitioners for farm and culinary tourism; and provide a platform to assist food and farm tourism stakeholders: selling, business development, and training.

The website also highlights suppliers of tsaa (tea), tsokolate (chocolate), and kape (coffee) with its corresponding contact details for interested buyers to directly contact the supplier.

It may be recalled that a ‘Kain Na!’ food and travel festival was held last September 15 to 18 in partnership with Ayala Malls. To date, information about exhibitors, schedule, and webinars are posted in the ‘Kain Na!’ website.

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