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DesignCrib: Modular Cabinet Provider in Iloilo

Modular Cabinet Provider in Iloilo

DesignCrib: Modular Cabinet Provider in Iloilo. ‘Defining details, redefining spaces’ is the promise of Designcrib, a modular cabinet provider based in Iloilo. With almost a decade in the industry, the company continues to transform houses into aesthetic and functional spaces.

Foremost, what is a modular cabinet?

Modular Cabinets, from the term modular involving modules as basis of construction, are premade cabinets manufactured in a particular and predetermined size and style. Moreover, they are made to fit standard spaces as stand-alone units. Some of its benefits, versus the conventional cabinet, include easy installation, space management, and the option to customize.

Modular cabinets are made in ‘modular’ increments, in height, width, and depth. It is also generally customized in terms of detail and finish. To add, components are prefabricated in a controlled environment, making the installation process efficient and fast.

Why choose DesignCrib?

Modular cabinet solutions are at the core of DesignCrib. Headquartered in Aurora Subdivision in Iloilo City, the company comprises seasoned experts in the industry: architects, interior designers, and construction mavens.

“DesignCrib is a premier modular design provider with a passion for creating elegant and functional interior spaces. We are committed to proving that the value of our products is not an expense but a worthy investment,” excerpt from the DesignCrib website.

Get in touch with DesignCrib Inc.

Design Crib Inc.
GF Townsville Studios,
Dona Aurora Subd., Iloilo City
+63 925 678 9180
Facebook: DesignCrib Inc.

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