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Detalyii Fine Art Clothing Line

Local artist Jacob Bravo launches ‘Detalyii’, a fine art clothing line showcasing art pieces on apparel, tote bags, stickers, and more. It has always been Bravo’s goal to share his masterpieces not only to the growing local art community but nationally, and internationally.

Bravo is a self-taught visual artist and has been associated with local art groups and organizations such as Hubon Ilonggo, Himbon Contemporary Artist’s Group, Artivism, Viva Excon Iloilo, Dakila, and Earthing Ph. His works are mostly mixed media ranging from found objects, recycled materials, hardware paint, and organic materials to mention a few. He describes his art as a mix of abstract and surrealism.

Prior to his engagement in the art community, Bravo was a photography enthusiast.

Detalyii apparel and merchandise can be purchased online via the Detalyii Facebook page and shopping app Shopee. For more information, visit the @Detalyii on Facebook and Instagram. For more information about the artist, visit the Detalyii website on www.detalyii.wordpress.com.

Visit the Detalyii shop here

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