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Doctor Jack Pharmacy

Just recently, Doctor Jack Pharmacy and Clinic opened its flagship store in Brgy. San Miguel in Jordan, Guimaras. Nestled within proximity to the general public and the locality’s business district, Doctor Jack will serve as a pharmacy and clinic in one. Its flagship store will be manned by doctors that will cater to the medical needs of the public, and pharmacists to suffice prescription medication needs.

Moreover, founder Jack Tanaleon envisions the brand to go beyond the usual pharmacy. As the ‘Doctor Jack Pharmacy and Clinic’ is open for franchising, Tanaleon aspires to establish stores in rural areas, in a bid to make healthcare accessible to communities. In addition, local doctors can practice their profession as well as indulge in entrepreneurial ventures by franchising a Doctor Jack pharmacy/clinic.

Tanaleon believes in the ‘power of prescription’ and aspires to mobilize doctors in the community by providing lucrative business means. In the Doctor Jack Pharmacy and Clinic website, it enumerated the benefits of being a franchisee. The brand has:

• numerous home brands that ensure quick investment recovery.
• commitment to delivering excellent customer service.
• affordable medicines
• convenient and strategic business concept

Apart from the business aspect, the brand itself is also tailored to fit the needs of the general public. Aside from a physician on duty within the building, the brand also offers unique purchasing platforms for consumers – one of which is the ‘Pamilya + Pera = Gamot Program’ wherein it enables consumers to purchase medications remotely, best for overseas workers paying for the medication of their elderly loved ones. Another of which is ‘Advance Orders’, enabling buyers to order their medication in advance. Doctor Jack will also have a loyalty reward card program called ‘Puntos Card’. More information regarding Doctor Jack Pharmacy and Clinic can be accessed on their website at http://doctorjackpharmacyandclinic.com/

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