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DSWD SAP Hotlines

The Department of Social Welfare and Development, in a bid to attend to queries regarding the Social Amelioration Program, shares hotline numbers via their Facebook page. It includes mobile numbers for Smart, Globe, and Sun.

“Mga katanungan ka ba ukol sa Social Amelioration Program? Maari kayong tumawag sa aming mga hotline numbers at agad naming tutugunan ang inyong mga suhestiyon, komento, o reklamo,” caption in a DSWD post regarding SAP hotline numbers.

  • Call – 16545
  • Smart – 0947 4822864
  • Globe – 0916 2471194
  • Sun – 0932 9333251

Moreover, in an update published in the DSWD website, it was stated that there is no need for DSWD validation of beneficiaries prior to SAP distribution. In a response to observations that the validation process is causing delays in the provision of the emergency subsidy under the Bayanihan Fund: Tulong Laban sa COVID-19, the agency has amended its guidelines to expedite the process.

“Under the amended measure, validation of beneficiaries will be conducted after the payout of the subsidies. Thus, local government units (LGUs) may proceed with the distribution of the cash aid within 24- hours upon receipt of the funds from the Department. The DSWD, will conduct validation within fifteen (15) days from receipt of documents from the LGUs that support the completion of the distribution of the emergency subsidies. The validation is vital to detect the duplication of assistance and to ascertain the eligibility of the beneficiaries.”

“Meanwhile, for the LGU constituents that are not covered by the SAP of the government but are included in the lists of their respective mayors, DSWD is requesting the local chief executives and their councils to look into their finances, savings, programmed projects for the year that can be deferred, and other possible sources of funds that are available to them, which can be used to fill in the gap of their additional beneficiaries being requested from the DSWD. The consolidated list of eligible beneficiaries may also be submitted to the DSWD for endorsement to the Department of Finance and Department of Budget and Management.”

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