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Duterte: “I Offered to Resign as President”

“I offered to resign as president”, was the statement President Rodrigo Duterte last Monday due to the rampant corruption in the country, in which he finds hard to control. Duterte added that he is sick of corruption and thus offers his resignation.

“I offered to resign as president, sabi ko kasi nagsasawa na ako. Even with the investigation or the clamor for government to shake the tree, wala, hanggang ngayon, it’s being committed every day. Can you stop it? You cannot, there is no way,” states President Duterte during his weekly address.

Duterte added that he appeals for legislators to enact laws against corruption.

“I appeal again to Congress, I cannot fight corruption…I cannot find a way to move who are almost resistant to finding fault and resisting moves of government to improve. Congress might want to enact a legislation,”he adds. Read more: Duterte: ‘I offered to resign as president because I am sick of corruption’, an article by CNN Philippines.

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