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Education Amid Challenges: Teacher Beia Offers Help

Education in the time of pandemic can be challenging. In the country, it may be recalled that classes usually start in June. However, due to the current global health emergency, it has been moved to August, then postponed to October. Parents have been rush-buying laptops – that way, education may continue despite the lack of face-to-face teaching method.

Here, Teacher Beia aims to help parents in the ‘new normal’ setup of education. She hosts webinars as well as parental advice in helping children reach their full potential.

Just recently, she introduced The Live Project, an avenue for parents to learn about parenting practices, especially in times of uncertainty brought about by the recent pandemic scare. The Live Project is a series of free webinars about parenting. For more information about Teacher Beia, follow her on Facebook!

Here is an excerpt of Teacher Beia’s expert advice on parenthood:

Schools are officially beginning their school year. You will see it all online. You will see the teacher struggling to get the students to listen or keep themselves on mute. You will see the teacher making mistakes navigating the many apps and e-platforms. You will see the schools making programs and activities which were total flops. You will have to follow policies which make no sense in your mind. You will be frustrated, angry, and tired.

Most of all, you will feel tempted. Tempted to take your cause to social media. Tempted to shame the school or the teachers in areas where you feel like they are failing. Tempted to compare to other schools based on other social media posts you see but you don’t see the whole picture. Tempted to raise your voice, be disrespectful, and point fingers.

Please don’t.

No one claims to have it all figured out. No one claims to know exactly what they’re doing. Every school is going on trial and error to see what works best and it will take a lot of time and patience. But most of all, the work is already hard. The year has just begun and most teachers already feel defeated. Their priority will always be your children.

Be kind. Be supportive.

The school you chose is with you, not against you. Follow policies, respect rules, and encourage your child’s teacher to keep on going. If not for the school, but at least for your children, because they’re watching you. They hear the hurtful words you say about their teachers. If you want to raise your children to be successful, you must then raise them to keep on going in spite of the difficulties faced instead of teaching them to complain and blame the teacher or school.

The situation we’re in can’t be helped but the way we respond is completely in our control.

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