El Bigote


The first time I encountered el mucho macho El Bigote and its cantina mejicana – appended with the words ‘el mucho macho’ gave me some recollection of a young man with the iconic ‘bigote’ and suave sex appeal. To make it short, the first time I heard of El Bigote all I can think about was Vhong Navarro and his portrayal of Mr. Suave. Why? Definitely, most definitely, the iconic moustache says it all. I kept thinking if the food was a /suavehhhh/ as Mr. Suave himself. Nevertheless, I felt compelled to give it a try.

The first time I went to check out El Bigote, I had to go through the façade of the Iloilo Food Park. At first, it was difficult to find the exact location. One tip I got was to look for the SPI Global housed in the hard-to-miss building – Iloilo SuperMart – You can find Iloilo Food Park from there.

Basically, the Iloilo Food Park is an explosion of amazing exteriors and an insanely awesome ambiance. One which you’d definitely drag the bodies of your friends to spend a crazy comfy afternoon there. The seats are varied – unlike the usual uniform furniture in most restaurants. The bottle chandelier is a piece of art. The place screams youth and youthful vibrancy – one that’d bring you forlorn memories of old college days.

El Bigote, in a brief Q&A with the owner, is a restaurant serving the best of comida Mejicana – that would mean quesadillas, nachos, burritos, fajitas, and everything else that screams Mexican. The first I tried was the El Bigote Back Ribs [also known as baby back/loin ribs] which was an explosion of favorable flavors to the palate. It was heavenly blessed in quantity and quality.




A few weeks later, the Iloilo Food Park was able to grace the ground of Iloilo’s Molo Mansion during ‘The Weekend Market’, a showcase of Ilonggo products as well as eats that a proud Ilonggo must not miss out on. Had the chance to visit El Bigote again, this time I tried their Nachos and the gigantic El Bigot Burger [guaranteed 100% pure beef]. Now, believe me when I say that the patty is thicker than the bun. It was so thick I had to look for an extra bun.



Bottom line, El Bigote made me a fan of cantina Mejicana in a gluttonous heartbeat. It’s already added to my roster of favorites to dine in on the free weekends. For more informationa, visit the El Bigote’s Official Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ElBigoteOfficial

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